dry shampoo

dry shampoo

$ 14.00

all organic ingredients, what you see & smell is what you get ~ I'm very anti-everyday-showering, and with this & some sea salt spray in your regimen, your no shower days, can turn into your BEST beachy, messy, beautiful hair day. this dry shampoo leaves you with a surprising amount of volume, a lazy day style's best friend. 

I use the cocoa powder so it blends in with your hair better than a white dry shampoo, nobody needs white mystery powder in their hair ~ 

to use: I use a medium sized makeup brush, dip it in the container, shake off the excess, part your hair & brush it onto your oiliest sections. do the upside down hair shake or brush & style and whoaaaa it's like a brand new day :) 

all certified organic ingredients of corn starch, cocoa, ginger root powder, bentonite clay, patchouli essential oil, & lavender essential oil ~ 2 oz. reusable glass jar, this will last a long time even with regular use

it smells amazing!!