Drinking buddies drink makers
Drinking buddies drink makers

Drinking buddies drink makers

$ 15.00

These budgie smuggling hunks are the only friends you need! Hang them on the edge of your glass and they'll cling on for dear life and follow you wherever you go. Everyone needs a drinking buddy and Mich, Brad, Chad and the rest of the gang are the best drinking buddies anyone could ask for!

They'll never want to go home early while you're having a good time. And they won't ever abandon you to go and talk to a group of people that you don't know and really have no interest in getting to know because you're pretty sure one of them used to be best friends with your brother's ex and it would be totally awks.

Use your drinking buddies at hen parties, house parties, girl’s nights in, picnics and any other special occasions! You’ll be kept company and you won’t lose your drink in the crowd.

These novelty drink markers are great fun at any party
Everyone needs a drinking buddy!
Never lose your drink or pick up someone elses by mistake
Contains 6 different hunks in bright budgie smugglers
Measures aprox. 21 x 16 x 1.5 cm
6 x Drinking Buddies Drink Markers